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Jl. Raya Ciracas No.1 Jakarta Timur 13730 Indonesia
Telp.021 87716633, 87716622 ,87715544
Fax: 02187700505
License PPTKIS : 741/MEN/2006




Praise to Allah SWT, greetings Shalawat and salam may the prophet Muhammad SAW

PT. Sabrina Pramitha established to address the needs of business in the sector for the Company of Labor formal or informal.

With emphasis on the consept of Total Quality Services, the Company established since 1998, has distributed thousands of qualified manpower to the foreign Affairs, especially to the Middle East region. Trough this business also, the company has significantly contributed to countrys foreign exchange revenues that are useful for the prosperity of the nation.

PT. Sabrina Pramitha always committed to satisfying customer needs through partnership agencies scattered throughout the archipelago. Currently, the company has 21 branch offices in every district in Indonesia's with service units to facilitate the recruitment of human resources from various areas.

PT. Sabrina Pramitha also placed representatives on each agency's representatives in the state so that any problems that arise, can be resolved quickly and properly. The Company is committed to providing the best service in order to maintain public confidence in this company.

PT. Sabrina Pramitha is a national private company which was inaugurated by the Indonesian Ministry of Labour as an Agent Recruitment and Manpower supplier to Cross Countries and continents with a local recruitment agency legality License: 741/MEN/2006.

PT. Sabrina Pramitha validly and legally established since 1988 and which is headquartered in Jakarta. Originally the company was directed to various sectors business ranging from general trading, contracting and service manpower. In accordance with the policy of the Republic of Indonesia issued Law No.39 TH.2004, finally PT. Sabrina Pramitha Private Company specialized as a business specializing in the field Recruitment Indonesia Labour Service for Overseas.

Based on the concept of Total Quality Services, PT. Sabrina Pramitha developing human resources through training, coaching and management by professional trainers. Those Human resources are channeled to the industrial sector and households are relevant to each skill.

PT. Sabrina Pramitha always cooperated with agent and representatives in the State, with emphasis on the unity of commitment and mutual trust in the interest of the company services customer partners.




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